Getting started is easy

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Step One, Select your location

Letting us know your market location is the first step to getting started with Nine Digital Direct. One the home page you’ll find our location selector, this is what you’ll use to let us know where you’re business and market are located.

Just click on the arrows and select from the dropdowns. If your location is not listed, pick the closest location and your account manager will optimise your account when we make contact.

Step Two, Find a product

Pick a product solution. Once you have selected your location, use the “How Can Nine Help” drop down to find a product that will suit your business objectives. 

Whether you’re looking for better search results, a great social solution or digital content production, we’ve got a solution for you. Packages that are effective, easy to understand and are made to fit your budget.

Step Three, contact us


Making contact is the final step. Once you’ve decided what packages you might like, click on the contact us button, select the products you want more information about and submit. 

Our digital team will make contact with you and start the process of powering u your business using digital advertising.